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People to See

These are just a few of the famous people who call this beautiful area home. When you live in this area you’re in good company.

  • Tony Hawk, Professional Skateboarder
  • Josh Kerr, Professional Surfer
  • David Cohn, Owner of Cohn Restaurant Group
  • Rob Machado, Surfing Legend
  • Marcela Valladolid, Celebrity Chef
  • Greg Koch, Stone Brewing Company CEO
  • Jahja Ling, San Diego Symphony Director
  • Aaron Chang, Photographer
  • Phil Mickelson, Golfer
  • Rich Schwartz, San Diego Zoo Animal Care Supervisor
  • Jason Mraz, Musician
  • Mitt Romney, Politician and Former Presidential Candidate
  • John McCain, Politician and Former Presidential Candidate
  • Anne Rice, Novelist, Known For Interview With the Vampire
  • Gregory Benford, Novelist, Known For Timescape
  • David C. Copley, Former Owner of the San Diego Union Tribune
  • Irwin Mark Jacobs, Electrical Engineer and Cofounder of Qualcomm
  • Ted Waitt, Founder of Gateway, Inc.
  • Rae Armentrout, UCSD Professor and Pulitzer Prizewinner for Poetry
  • Walter Munk, Oceanographer
  • Ellen Browning Scripps, Founder of Scripps Institute of Oceanography
  • Francis Crick, Nobel Prize in Medicine Winner
  • Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winner
  • Armi Kuusela, Winner of the First Miss Universe Pageant
  • Gore Verbinski, Film Director
  • Richard Allen Morris, Painter
  • Carl Rogers, American Psychologist
  • Phillip Rivers, Football
  • Trevor Hoffman, Baseball
  • Pauly Shore, Comedian